Sergeant Adjuvants

SERGEANT ADJUVANTS and Brenntag Biosector are partners dedicated in their fight to prevent diseases with cutting edge ADJUVANT technology and solutions.

The production of aluminum hydroxide for vaccine started in April 1939 as a result of the collaboration between Staens Serum Institute and Superfos. In 1989, the vaccine adjuvant group separated from Superfos Chemicals and became Superfos Biosector. In 2000, Superfos, including Superfos Biosector was acquired by HCI and soon after Brenntag acquired the entire HCI group resulting in today’s Brenntag Biosector.

In the early 1950’s SERGEANT ADJUVANTS was chosen as Brenntag Biosector’s commercial Distributor of immunological and vaccine ADJUVANTS for the U.S.A. market. Today SERGEANT ADJUVANTS continues in that role, combining technical support with years of experience working with ADJUVANTS. Our expertise in vaccine production and deep knowledge of local markets, help E.M. SERGEANT to Provide the Optimal Adjuvant Solution.

Not so long ago ADJUVANTS were characterized by a world-leading immunologist as the ”Immunologist’s dirty little secret” (quote: Charles A. Janeway, 1989). In the last decades, however, the secrets have, at least to some extent been unveiled. Insight into how the immune response can be biased towards a Th-1 or Th-2 profile by a selective choice of ADJUVANTS and later the discovery of the Toll-like receptors as mediators of ADJUVANT-induced immunostimulation are important milestones on this path.